All empty items in Risk of Rain 2, sorted from worst to best (2023)

Void items are a new tier of items introduced with the Survivors of the Void DLC expansion. In addition to their normal effect, their unique trick is that they also damage other items. Whenever you pick up a Void item, all stacks of its uncorrupted counterpart are immediately corrupted, offering a similar or sometimes drastic change in ability to the normal item.

We cover all the Void items in Risk of Rain 2 and rank them from worst to best. Most of the Void items introduced in the game are above average or extremely powerful. If you see your favorite Void item further down this list, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it. All elements are subject to change based on the current Survivor you are playing and the circumstances of your run.

The worst empty items in Risk of Rain 2

14. Safer Spaces

Safer Spaces is the corrupted version of Tougher Times and offers a guaranteed chance to block an attack rather than a percentage chance to block an attack. Unlike some times where damage must be avoided to allow a cooldown, Safer Spaces have a base cooldown of 15 seconds and recharge in and out of combat.

Each additional stack of Safer Spaces reduces the cooldown by 10%, making this the lowest impact Void item when you're low on stacks. Its regular counterpart, Tougher Times, has great early scaling but suffers from hyperbolic stacking, making Tougher Times harder to properly stack.

If you decide to snag Safer Spaces, we recommend only picking up this Void item if you have at least five or more stacks of Tougher Times. Having ten stacks of Tougher Times is roughly a 60% block chance, which is arguably the peak of your Hyperbolic Stacking before it suffers from diminishing returns. Ten stacks of Safer Spaces reduce the cooldown from 15 seconds to five seconds, drastically improving the quality of this empty item in Risk of Rain 2.

If you like a guaranteed lock, get Safer Spaces. Otherwise, Hard Times is still a fantastic common element to keep in your build.

13. Provisional

Tentabauble is Chronobauble's corrupted counterpart. While we found Chrono Orb to be a fairly off-putting, unusual item, we found its empty item variant much stronger. While Chronobauble grants a 60% slow for 2 seconds, Tentabauble has a 5% chance to root enemies for 1 second.

Chronobauble is better at using his guaranteed slow to apply Death Marks, but Tentabauble has a much better chance of rooting an enemy than applying a faded slow. In addition to his boosted strengths, Tentabauble's root effect can affect Mithrix, temporarily nullifying most of his moveset, allowing for a small window of free damage.

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12. Empty Flame

Voidsent Flame is the corrupted version of Wisp. This Void item from Risk of Rain 2 creates a column of lava in a 12 meter radius when you hit a target with full health: This column of lava deals 260% base damage but less damage than Wisp. In contrast, Wisp creates a column of lava when an enemy dies, but deals 350% more damage and scales better than Void Flame.

Despite the reduced damage, Void Flame can deal more damage to groups of enemies or deal better damage to single targets, since its damage is dealt to living targets instead of triggering a death effect. You would still get more damage from picking up this Void item in Risk of Rain 2 instead of its uncommon counterpart. However, both versions of the item only deal damage once.

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There's one case where Wisp would be better than Void Flame, and that's when you're using the Please Forgive Me gear, which quickly inflicts death effects in a small area. Wisp works with this setup because it's a killing effect, while Void Flame doesn't. Overall, unless you're running Forgive Me Please, we still recommend getting the Void counterpart over the original.

11. Nadel

Needletick is the Void Item equivalent of Tri-Tip Dagger. Replaces the normal 10% chance to inflict a DOT bleed on an enemy with a 10% chance to collapse. Collapse is a new status effect introduced in Survivors of the Void. Once a player or monster is hit by Collapse, the debuff has a chance to stack repeatedly over a three second window before dealing 400% base damage per stack.

Collapse is much more deadly to monsters than players as its base damage is higher and it scales much more often with scaling difficulty. In contrast, Needleticks' damage only increases if you can squeeze more stacks into a target that has Collapse before it explodes.

Pinprick deals more damage in shorter bursts and often has a greater effect when fighting weaker targets. Otherwise, the tri-tip dagger's normal bleed deals more consistent damage to stronger targets or bosses.

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Top 10 rain risk items 2 blank

10. Singularity Band

Singularity Band is the corrupted version of Runald and Kjaro's bands. Instead of unleashing a burst of fire or cold damage, Singularity Band creates a black hole that pulls enemies within 15m into the center before collapsing after five seconds, dealing 100% base damage. Like Runald and Kjaro's Bands, the Singularity Band only triggers when a damage source reaches 400% damage or more.

While the Singularity Band deals less damage than its Uncommon Item counterpart, it adds more crowd control, allowing you to stack or concentrate most of your damage in a small area. If you don't have damage to begin with or in general, we recommend sticking with the non-damaged variants. However, if you already have a lot of AOE damage or want to take advantage of grouped enemiesAcreorcharger, Singularity Band is a great pickup.

9. Lysed cell

Lysate Cell is an interesting pick-up, but depending on the Survivor it can offer a lot of extra firepower or extremely little. He corrupts all allegationsfuel cell🇧🇷 Instead of giving you extra charges from gear, you now get extra charges from your special ability. Lysate Cell not only grants additional charges for special abilities, but also reduces the cooldown of your special ability by 33%.

Lysed cell at risk of rain 2It's solid for survivors like Acrid, REX, or Huntress, but it's underwhelming for Captain or Void Fiend. The engineer is a special case as the lysate cell works and allows him to get a third tower which is extremely powerful; Your scale stops there.The rain-prone engineer 2You can have a maximum of three towers at a time. Therefore, the surcharges are only suitable for quickly swapping out your towers if one is destroyed.

Adding more special abilities to mostPlayable characters in Risk of Rain 2It's a great shot, but be aware of how it affects certain survivors. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep your extra gear charges when you have a build that synergizes around it.

8. Newborn Zoea

Newly Hatched Zoea is the only boss item in the Void Risk of Rain 2 item pool. Newly Hatched Zoe corrupts all yellow items in your inventory and grants you the passive ability to summon a random Void ally. Each stack increases the number of current allies you can have at once and reduces the cooldown required to summon one.

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As long as you have this item in your inventory, you can spawn the following Void allies:

  • Void Jailer
  • Void Reaver
  • ecstatic emptiness

The Void Jailer and Reaver have the highest chances to spawn, each has over a 48% chance to spawn. The Void Devastator is extremely powerful but has a much lower chance to spawn, around 3% chance.

Catching a newly hatched Zoea depends solely on what boss items you already have in your inventory. Shatterspleen, Planula or Molten Perforator are some we recommend keeping in your build. If you have a Titanic Knurl or Queen Gland, we prefer to trade them for this Void item in Risk of Rain 2, so it just depends on your running situation.

7. Lens of the Lost Seer

The Lost Seer's Lenses are the corrupted alternative to the Lensmaker's Spectacles. When you take this empty item, you trade your 10% chance to critically hit through each lens maker's goggles for a 0.5% chance to instantly kill any non-boss enemy. While the item's description says you can only kill a non-boss enemy outright, it just means you can't shoot a teleporter, mithrix, or voidling boss.

Any boss you encounter during a stage or loop that isn't spawned by the teleporter can still be shot. Most survivors are also extremely good at criticism.huntressorcommand, but the Lensmaker's Goggles aren't the only item that grants critical hits. Harvester's Scythe or Predatory Instincts and Shatterspleen grant 5% critical chance, as opposed to Lens-Maker's Glasses which grant 10%.

Survivors with high attack speed or multi-hit attacks like Command orcaptainhave a significantly higher chance of triggering the instant kill effect. However, if you hit a critical hit chance greater than 100%, you will no longer get any results unless you areRailgunner Construction🇧🇷 Since Lens of the Lost Seer scales less with each stack, you can exceed the default limit of 10 stacks.

It's a balance between wanting a consistently high chance to critically hit and wanting a lower chance of instantly destroying any enemy. We also say that it depends on your survivor and the run status of your build or run. The only time we don't recommend using Lens of the Lost Seer is if you plan on fighting Mithrix, since he's considered an enemy boss and having a critical chance is better than having an item that never fights him functions.

6. Inserted key

The Encrusted Key is the corrupted variant of the Rusty Key. While the Rusted Key works by giving you a free large chest in the next stage, the Encrusted Key lets you choose from three empty Rain Hazard 2 items in an Encrusted Cache in the next stage. These empty items are chosen based on rarity, much like shuffling their counterparts into a small chest.

The Encrusted Key is one of the only ways in the game to select specific Void items if you want them. The chance of getting a Weeping Mushroom, Plasma Shrimp, or Polylute from an Encrusted cache makes it worth picking up the item to check for an energy boost.

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5. Benthic bloom

Benthic Bloom, unlike all other corrupted items, works completely separately compared to its non-corrupted alternative. 57 Leaf Clover boosts your Luck stat, while Benthic Bloom changes the rarity of 3 stacks of random items to the next level each turn. This means that after a phase change during a run, common items will become uncommon items and uncommon items will become legendary items. You can also force this effect to activate by creating hidden realms like Bazaar Between Time and Void Fields.

(Video) 2 EASY WAYS To Flush/Drain WATER HEATERS! (Pro Plumber Tips For Flushing Your Water Heater GAS/ELEC)

Benthic Bloom will eventually eat all of your items to craft.Legendary items at Risk of Rain 2🇧🇷 Legendary items can easily control your runs for the better if you adapt to them. Although common items are incredibly strong, this item stacks the hardest-to-get items with ease.

Benthic Bloom does not consume boss items,Oral article, or empty elements. This makes stacking as many empty items as possible incredibly powerful, allowing you to keep a relatively consistent item pool alongside your benthic item consumption.

4. Pluripotent larvae

Unlike the Benthic Blossom, the Pluripotent Larva effectively functions in the same way as the item it corrupts. Dio's best friend is a legendary item that will take you back to the afterlife. Pluripotent Larva does the same thing, except all of your uncorrupted items are corrupted.

The only downsides to resuscitating with a pluripotent larva would be:

  • Lost Seer Lens's 100% critical hit chance.
  • Feed Lysate Cell to a Survivor who cannot use it.
  • Put Benthic Bloom in a race where you don't want it.
  • Get Void Flame in the rare situation you don't want it.
  • Get Safer Spaces if you only have a stack or two of Tougher Times.
  • Spoiling awesome boss items in newly hatched Zoea.

Pluripotent Larva is an easier revive with a relatively weak disadvantage. It's also worth noting that all of these potential downsides still give you fantastic items that, while you might not want them, are rarely poor alternatives to their worst-case counterparts. Return to the Afterlife is incredibly powerful, not to mention its downsides.

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The 3 best empty items in Risk of Rain 2

3. Plasma-Garnelen

Plasma Shrimp is an incredibly powerful alternative to the uncommon item AtG Missile Mk.1, which adds a missile that deals 40% of the skill's activation damage on each shot or utility with a proc coefficient. Each subsequent stack of Plasma Shrimp adds 40% total damage to the missile's damage, making both fast and blunt chip abilities incredibly powerful.

The tradeoff for Plasma Shrimp is that instead of each shot having a 10% chance to fire a 300% base damage scaling rocket with a proc coefficient of 1.0, you are guaranteed a 40% damage scaling rocket with a coefficient fire from 0.2 proc while you have a shield. Picking up Plasma Shrimp grants you a 10% max health shield, and each max health item or shield you pick up provides a milder window for Plasma Shrimp to activate.

In addition to the restriction Plasma Shrimp requires to activate, each shield item like the Personal Shield Generator takes a total of 7 seconds to recharge your full shield and your one-shot protection cannot activate until that shield is recharged. Caution is advised when collecting Plasma Shrimp, but we feel the perk is so powerful that we'd almost always take it for a run.

2. Weeping Mushroom - 2nd place for Best Void Item Risk or Rain 2

Weeping Mushroom is one of the few healing percentage items in the game, and it stacks similarly to its undamaged alternative. This Void item is the corrupted variant of the Movable Mushroom in Risk of Rain 2. It generates a healing AOE after standing for 1 second and disappears when it moves.

To understand Weeping Fungus, you must first understand how it differs from Bustling Fungus. Bustling Fungus's healing properties are equal to 4.5% of his maximum health, ignores shields, and range starts at 12 feet initially. Each subsequent stack of Bustling Fungus increases healing and range by half.

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Weeping Fungus lacks two of the qualities that Bustling Fungus contains - The AOE cure and the stopped part. In a game where you want to run everywhere, Weeping Fungus is a consistent and powerful heal for every survivor except for the Engineer, who needs Bustling Fungus to keep their turrets alive.

Weeping Fungus always heals less than Bustling Fungus, but always increases by 2% of the total health it provides per stack. Ten stacks of Weeping Fungus heal you for 20% of your health while running from Weeping Fungus' regeneration buff.

Although Bustling Fungus would heal 24.75% of your health per second with the same number of stacks, you don't have to wait a second for the active effect and the effect can be used with running buffs like Energy Drink, Rose Buckler, Wax Quail and smaller Pupils.

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1. Polylute - The best of all void items at risk of rain 2

Polylute works like the damaged variant of the Ukulele and offers some of the strongest single target damage in the game. Unlike the unadulterated variant, Polylute chains damage between a single target rather than a group, making it much more effective against bosses and key targets. Polylute can proc on-hit just like its predecessor with its 0.2 proc coefficient, but stacks debuffs on a single target much more easily than it would be possible without damage.

Polylute's base form deals 20% less overall damage with each chain shot than Ukulele, but stacks infinitely better. While Ukulele stacks 2 additional potential bolts per stack, Polylute stacks 3.

While the Ukulele deals 400% damage to a group of enemies in 2 stacks when chaining each shot, the Polylute deals 360% damage to a single enemy without having to chain between multiple targets. This imbalance becomes even more apparent with four stacks, where Ukulele can deal 720% total damage and Polylute is able to produce the same amount.

The more Polylute stacks you have, the more powerful it gets compared to its already awesome counterpart. Since party damage is weaker and worse the later you start running, Polylute scales fantastically. We think Polylute is the best Void item in Risk of Rain 2 because it procs multiple on-hit effects on a single target, scales incredibly well after four stacks, and makes it easier to deal with tough enemies.

Summary of the worst empty items in Risk of Rain 2

The Survivors of the Void DLC is the first expansion for Risk of Rain 2, and all of its new Void items are proof that it's definitely worth buying. You don't need to own the DLC to access these items; As long as the lobby host owns the DLC, the race will include all new enemies and items from the expansion. However, you lose the opportunity to play Railgunner or Void Fiend; both are included in this DLC.

On the other handgreat danger of rain 2 pieces of different rarities, check out our companion article.


What is the best item in risk of rain 2? ›

Risk Of Rain 2: 10 Best Items In The Game, Ranked
  1. 1 Tougher Times.
  2. 2 Gesture of the Drowned. ...
  3. 3 Lens Makers Glasses. ...
  4. 4 57 Leaf Clover. ...
  5. 5 Harvester Scythe. ...
  6. 6 Ceremonial Dagger. ...
  7. 7 Paul's Goat Hoof. ...
  8. 8 Soldier's Syringe. ...
Oct 30, 2022

What is the best legendary item in risk of rain 2? ›

1 57 Leaf Clover

No other item in Risk of Rain 2 comes remotely close to the 57 Leaf Clover's power. If you obtain this Rare item, you are in for a fantastic run. This item will reroll any random effect an additional time and use the favorable outcome.

What do all the blue items do in risk of rain 2? ›

Over the course of any Risk Of Rain 2 run, you'll come out with a ton of items in your inventory. Some of these items you might end up with are Lunar Items. These are represented by a blue aura surrounding them, and offer huge buffs at the cost of significant nerfs.

Does Risk of Rain 2 get harder after Hahaha? ›

The HAHAHAHA sub-difficulty has a maximum of level 99. In addition to the increase over time, every time an environment is completed (aside the Bazaar Between Time), the difficulty will jump forward, which will cause a spike in difficulty, and the bar will also increase faster.

Is there a secret character in ror2? ›

Kur-skan, the Heretic is a secret playable character in Risk of Rain 2. The Heretic cannot be selected from the character selection screen at the start of a run. Instead, she must be transformed into by holding all 4 Heresy items at once.

How do you beat Mithrix easily? ›

Mithrix cannot climb the pillars that appear on Phase 2, so if the player gets on top of them and uses ranged attacks, Phase 3 and 4 will be very easy. The ranged attack on Phases 3 and 4 can be easily dodged from higher ground as well.

How do you do 1000000 damage ror2? ›

play like normal, and when you're hitting hard enough, go to the bazaar, get 5 shaped glass and shoot the newt's hand. If you see that you're dealing around 32000 or more per shot, then you can go to the bazaar, since 5 shaped glass will multiply your damage by 32, getting you to 1024000 damage.

How do you unlock 57 Leaf Clover? ›

The 57 Leaf Clover adds one try per stack whenever an item tries to proc, increasing the chances to get a favorable outcome. This effect makes any items that have a chance to trigger more effective. These include critical hits, so scoring one becomes easier. Completing The Long Road Challenge unlocks this item.

What is the best survivability item Risk of Rain 2? ›

Some excellent picks for survivability are Leeching Seed, Tougher Times, Paul's Goat Hoof, Medkit, Old War Stealthkit, and Foreign Fruit.

Do Lunar Coins count as lunar items? ›

Lunar Coins can still be picked up, as they do not count as lunar items.

Does Corpsebloom stack? ›

Every 0.2 seconds, Corpsebloom takes from this store and heals the holder up to 2% of their maximum health (up to 10% per second). This healing cap is halved per additional stack.
AmountMaximum Heal
4 more rows

What lunar item reduces cooldown? ›

The Gesture of the Drowned is a lunar item in Risk of Rain 2. The first Gesture of the Drowned reduces the holder's equipment cooldown by half, but activates it as soon as it is ready.

Can you become invincible in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Risk of Rain 2 teddy bear | Tougher Times item

It provides a 15 percent chance to block all incoming damage on top of the survivor's base luck stat. Like many other items in the game, Tougher Times also stacks, meaning with enough teddy bears, players could theoretically become invincible.

Will there be Risk of Rain 3? ›

It will launch in 2023. Carefully designed, beautifully remastered, and loaded with new ways to play—Risk of Rain is back and better than ever! Dive into the iconic roguelike full of unique loot combinations, entirely new Survivors, overhauled multiplayer, and more!

Is Risk of Rain 2 still endless? ›

The new mode coming to Risk of Rain 2 will be an endless wave-based mode, and takes place inside a computer simulation. The lore of the game states that the simulation is so that players can assess the threat of some of the game's locations.

Is Loader a girl ror2? ›

The Loader in Risk of Rain 2 is female, while the Loader in Risk of Rain 1 is male.

Is Railgunner a girl ror2? ›

A lethal and skillful markswoman, the Railgunner fights with her eponymous railgun, using smart homing rounds in combination with powerful piercing shots that give her incredible long-range damage output and decent crowd control options, as well as the incredibly powerful all-or-nothing Supercharge.

Can you permanently unlock the heretic ror2? ›

In order for players to unlock the Heretic, they will need to complete the Blockade Breaker challenge. To do this, players will need to defeat 15 bosses within a single run. While this doesn't unlock the character directly, it does unlock the path to unlocking the character.

Does Mithrix ignore one shot protection? ›

no, the hammer doesn't skip OSP.

How do you skip Mithrix? ›

Find a Newt Altar somewhere in Sky Meadow and interact with it to make a blue orb appear, which will allow you to enter the Lunar Shop via blue portal after the teleporter event. You get to skip Mithrix, loop, and go shopping if you go this route!

Can you double crit ror2? ›

It is not possible to perform 'double', 'triple' et cetera critical strikes, so any Lens-Maker's Glasses collected after achieving 100% critical strike chance are effectively useless.

Can you get one shot in ror2? ›

If the target is a player and amount is greater than 90% of the character's combined health, reduce the amount to 90% of the target's combined health instead. This is commonly known as One-Shot Protection or OSP for short.

Who is the void fiend? ›

It is an eldritch, void-mutated monstrosity capable of harnessing the Void as a lethal weapon. In battle, its corrupted energy builds up until it reaches a critical point, unleashing its full power and transforming it and its abilities into more aggressive versions. Its name is stylized in-game as「V??oid Fiend』.

Is there a 6 leaf Grimoire? ›

This legend is the opposite infact and this legend is called "The Legend Of The Six Leaf Clover" this legend entails of a Grimoire that has six clover leaves and it is associated with despair at first and then luck itself as it is powers beyond that of normal humans, it is the powers of a god of who's heart is pure as ...

How rare is a 6 leaf clover? ›

The same survey found that the frequency of five-leaf clovers is 1 in 24,400, and of six-leaf clovers is 1 in 312,500. Even so, this probability has not deterred collectors who have reached records as high as 160,000 four-leaf clovers in a lifetime.

Is there a 5 leaf Grimoire? ›

Also known as a Grimoire of Despair, a five-leaf grimoire is created when a mage chosen by a four-leaf grimoire is filled with so much hate and despair that the book is twisted by the dark emotions and a fifth leaf appears on the cover.

Does Mithrix steal equipment? ›

After bringing his health to zero once again, Mithrix will steal all of your items in one last desperate attempt to kill you. However, he is wounded and slow, and as you deal damage to him throughout this phase you will retrieve your items.

Is there an item cap Risk of Rain 2? ›

Due to this, the hard cap for all items is 2,147,483,647, with no items having a hard coded cap before this value, other than the three items listed in the previous category above.

Who does the most damage in ror2? ›

Rex. Rex is another character that plays differently from the rest. His damage per second (DPS) is the highest in the game, not counting item use.

Who is the best solo character in ror2? ›

Best characters for solo are Huntress and Mercenary. Huntress is a glass cannon, but agile enough to handle anything. Mercenary is basically invincible, but he can die suddenly to certain enemy types.

Who is the strongest survivor in ror2? ›

Loader is one of the strongest Survivors in the game. Her damage and mobility are unmatched. She gains a passive shield on hit, which enables close-range aggression with much less risk than other melee survivors.

Who is the easiest character in ror2? ›

MUL-T. MUL-T is arguably the easiest character to unlock. All you need to do is clear the first stage five times. You'll naturally unlock MUL-T just by playing, and you also can speed up the process by farming the first stage.

What items are good on void fiend? ›

To mitigate the lack of healing, it is vital to pick up defensive items which protect the player from damage rather than heal them. This includes items like the Topaz Brooch (temporary barrier on kill), Tougher Times (chance to block damage), and Repulsion Armor Plate (damage reduction).

What is the best red item in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Brilliant Behemoth. A carryover from the first game, the Brilliant Behemoth enables all your attacks to explode on hit, dealing an additional 60% damage to nearby enemies. Each stack of Behemoth increases the explosion radius.

What do the void items do ror2? ›

Each Void item will have a normal item counterpart that it corrupts; this will apply to all stacks of the item. For example, the Lysate Cell corrupts the Fuel Cell. If you have 3 Fuel Cells and then pick up one Lysate Cell, the Lysate Cell will function as though you have three stacked.

How to get 10 Lunar Coins? ›

Obtaining Lunar Coins
  1. Any enemy killed has a 0.5% chance to drop a single Lunar Coin, but each time this happens halves this chance during that run. ...
  2. Obliterating at an Obelisk in the Hidden Realm A Moment, Fractured will yield. ...
  3. Completing the Game by defeating the final boss and escaping successfully will yield.

How long does Helfire tincture last? ›

Burn everything nearby... including you and allies. Ignite ALL characters within 15m for 12s.

What is the best healing item for railgunner Risk of Rain 2? ›

No matter if you are trying out one of the new survivors, such as the big damage-dealing Railgunner, or sticking to a character you know well, you'll want to check out Ben's Raincoat. This legendary item will increase your maximum health by 100 per stack.

What does transcendence do in Risk of Rain 2? ›

The Transcendence is a lunar item in Risk of Rain 2. It increases the holder's maximum health by 50% (+25% per stack), but replaces all but 1 of their health with shields, which regenerate over a period of 2 seconds after avoiding damage for 7 seconds.

Does CorpseBloom work with transcendence? ›

If you go Transcendence, Corpsebloom becomes fodder for the Cleansing Pool. If you go Transcendence, you get 100 shields and all your health replaced when you could've just went with a bunch of healing items + shaped glass for OSP.

What does eulogy zero do? ›

Eulogy Zero can cause Scavengers to spawn with lunar items, but it does not affect their scavenging skill that gives them additional items; no matter how many Eulogy Zero the player team has, a Scavenger can never pick up a lunar item after it spawns.

What is the best lunar item? ›

Gesture Of The Drowned can be one of the best Lunar Items if paired with the right equipment. When in your inventory, it will reduce how long it takes for your equipment to charge by fifty percent. The downside is that the equipment will activate as soon as the cooldown finishes.

Does haste reduce cooldown? ›

Haste reduces the global cooldown (GCD) triggered by spells and certain physical abilities exactly as it reduces the cast time of those effects, but cannot reduce it below 0.75 seconds.

What is the rarest unique item in Diablo 2? ›

Hard to find
  • Death's Fathom.
  • Griffon's Eye.
  • Wisp Projector.
  • The Grandfather.
  • Crown of Ages.
  • Mang Song's Lesson.
  • The Cranium Basher.
  • Tyrael's Might.

What is the secret boss Risk of Rain 2? ›

To find the secret boss of Risk of Rain 2, the player needs to reach the Gilded Coast, one of the Hidden Realms in the game. The only way to access this location is to encounter an Altar of Gold. This Alter randomly spawns and can be easily missed if not properly equipped.

How rare is a scavenger in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Scavengers are among the rarest monsters in Risk of Rain 2. However, they're worth killing in every instance, as they'll drop a sack with a bunch of items or Lunar Coins. They'll only appear in later loops, or alternatively in one of the game's hidden endings.

How much is a ber rune? ›

The current price of a Ber Rune is 100 - 103 fg (d2jsp forum gold) and the equivalent in rune value is 12x Ist - 18x Ist.

Why is Shako good Diablo 2? ›

Besides its bonuses to skills, life, mana and damage reduction, Harlequin Crest (often referred to by the community as simply "Shako") also bestows a very high boost to magic find, which can be boosted by socketing the helmet with an Ist Rune or Perfect Topaz.

What is the holy grail in d2r? ›

The holy grail in Diablo 2 is finding every set and unique item in the game. As difficult as it sounds, it's actually even more difficult than that. While some items are found often such as Venomward Breast Plate, many items in Diablo 2 can actually be quite tricky to find due to how item drops work in the game.

Why is Mithrix on the moon? ›

Providence, who cares for the beings on Petrichor V but knows his brother does not, allows Mithrix to go to the moon. Once Mithrix is there, Providence locks the way back and traps Mithrix on the moon. We refer to this point as the Point of Betrayal.

Does Risk of Rain 2 have cheats? ›

Like many modern PC games, Risk of Rain 2 includes a developer console that players can access in order to adjust several different game settings and parameters. As players might expect, the developer console easy to access, and it's also the only way to enable cheats in the game.

What is the hardest boss in ds2? ›

The Fume Knight is known by many as the hardest boss in all of Dark Souls 2. He doesn't use many attacks that are telegraphed, and prefers to use those that are slightly delayed to throw players off. He has a strong resistance to all types of magic, so physical damage is preferred when taking him on.

What is the easiest character to get in Risk of Rain 2? ›

MUL-T is arguably the easiest character to unlock. All you need to do is clear the first stage five times. You'll naturally unlock MUL-T just by playing, and you also can speed up the process by farming the first stage.

How do you fight Voidling? ›

This attack can be very difficult to dodge, as hiding behind cover alone often isn't enough. Running directly towards the Voidling while dodging direct shots can be a good strategy, as near-misses are unlikely to curve sharply enough to deal damage.


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